My videos do not play in Android, why?

UniWebView support HTML5 video tag by default. That means you could play any videos with a HTML interface/player. If you could not get your HTML5 video plays in Android, please check if the android:hardwareAccelerated is set to true in your AndroidManifest.xml file. If it is not contained, it is usually due to the wrong merging of manifest file. A correct and clean version of Android manifest file is contained in the demo project of UniWebView, you could follow the Merge Guide section to perform a correct merge if necessary.

If your player is based on Flash, you may need to install a plugin to play it on Android 4.3. and earlier. And from Android 4.4, the Flash video is not supported. In iOS, there is no workaround at all to support Flash videos. So we suggest you always use HTML player for mobile compatibility on videos.

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