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    We have an app which launches Uniwebview which as an issue with the function of a webpage back button on Android devices to return the user back to the app.

    Using Uniwebview 1 in an Unity 4 application.
    We have an Android app in the Google Play Store (Tiny Pop TV) 

    To see the issue:

    Download TinyPop App (Google Play)

    Can you try the following.

    • Open the app (Android version)
    • Select a video
    • See Video loading message (much better – cheers)
    • See placeholder and back button in webpage
    • Return phone to home screen (with app in background)
    • Return to app
    • Select back button

    See that user cannot use back button.

    Are you aware of any Uniwebview issues on Android?

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    Hello , I bought your asset from asset store for Unity 4.

    Maybe I'm posting same question again, but i wasnt able to figure this out, or find answer anywhere.

    I would like to have persistent url in my application, so when user go to one link, he wouldnt be able to go on any other ( If he try , it would only refresh a page or nothing).

    Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

    I've been trying to change source code for few hours , but unsuccesfully.


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    koi figueroa

    Hello i am trying to build an app inside unity 5.5.0f3 

    and im using uniwebview,

    But if i go to google maps the app show this 

    Any idea how can i fixed 


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    not screenshot use ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot();

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    donot work webview.EvaluateJavaScript in ios11.

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