I am already using another plugin as the main activity in AndroidManifest.xml, what can I do?

UniWebView has to be the main activity of your game on Android. You can modify either of that plugin or UniWebView to make they live together happily. Fortunately, UniWebView is shipped with source code contained, so you can modify it for your own use as you like. Please refer to the Recompile Guide section of manual to learn about how to do it, and if you encountered any problems during it, please feel free to let us know.

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    Jesse Crafts-Finch

    This guide seems to be written for MacOS users. Is there one available for PC users? Most of the steps look to remain the same, but some will vary. 

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    Wei Wang


    Yes, the guide is based on macOS and Linux. If you need any help on recompiling the jar with your own activity, please open a ticket and send me the jar file which contains your current main activity. I am glad to recompile it for you.

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